another one beneath 2013 (Photos by Lauren Stonestreet)

Falling LessonsChoreography by Leanne Schmidt. Performed by Tanya Mucci. Photos by Lauren Stonestreet.

S.A.R.A. Project (SynestheticAugmented Reality Application) Photos by Lauren Stonestreet

Chew it Up/Spit it Out, Choreography by Leanne Schmidt, Photos by Lauren Stonestreet

Blue Jeans Blues 2012 (Photos by Jeff Glidden)

I FIGHT 2013 (Photos by Kristen Swartz)

I FIGHT 2013 (Photos by Scott Radke)

Dawning 2010 (Photos by Matt Bliss)

Dawning 2009 (Photos by Bob Christy)

Go on, then 2009 (Photos by Bob Christy)

Lachen und Weinen (Laughing and Crying) 2009 (Photos by Bob Christy)

Straight Forward & Slightly Off-Kilter 2008 (Photos by Bob Christy and )

 three (Excerpt 2002)

 Plenty (original solo)